Starting a Podcast is the Fastest Way to Meet the Best

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starting a podcast

Mic UP!

The Online Business world is filled with scammy scams, hopefully you’ve never been a victim of them but it’s out there.

People selling worthless “info” products or creepy MLM schemes that sound amazingly good but rarely pan out. Sometimes it’s hard to rise above the fold, but here’s a simple way you can start succeeding online or offline.

Start interviewing the best around.

When I say that, I mean, starting a podcast. It doesn’t need to be a 6-figure business or a 5-star rated show, that’s not the point.

You’re actually doing it for a very selfish reason which I’ll get to in a second.… Read the rest


Notice Something New & Fun?

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entrepreneur showdown

Let the showdown begin!

When I first started building this site I had dreams of bringing on big guests, getting my name out there, the whole kit and kaboodle.

My big goal was to get my podcast up and kicking, but guess what? I released one episode to crickets.

After doing that, I was bored and somewhat let down.  I had bought a microphone, software, all this jazz to do it, but there was something missing.

I just didn’t have the drive to do it.

Have you felt this way about something? You build up this big event in your head, but when it comes, it’s just a let down…

Well, I’m not someone to give up easily so I knew there had to be another way that would be more exciting, it would come my way.… Read the rest


‘Choose Yourself’ Grow Your Idea Muscles with James Altucher’s Book

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james altucher

Who do you choose?

I was reading James Altucher’s new book, Choose Yourself! (definitely worth checking out) and I got so into the book that once I finished I turned the book back over and started again. Make sure to check out his site as well.

Altucher touches on many of his failures with brutal honesty sharing on multiple occasions where he lost millions after a successful company and ended up broke. Most people will never have a $1 million bucks in their account all at once, but Altucher on many millions and went bankrupt.

That’s not the lesson that stood out, it’s how he was able to bounce back using his “Daily Practice.” I’m not going to go through all of it, you’ll need to check that out yourself but he had 2 major themes which alone provides humongous value to your career path and personal brand.Read the rest


You Need to Become the Entrepreneur of Your Personal Finances this Year

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personal finances

Become the octopus of your finances!

Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself, “I wish I was an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg…” Here’s a surprise, you were born an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t start as an occupation, but a mindset. You can be the “entrepreneur” of your career and, as we will see, your personal finances.

Think of your personal finances as a founder of a start-up thinks of his new company, you’ll see many similarities:

Pivot Your Finances

The photo-sharing service, Flickr, actually started off as a multi-player online game. What they found out was that most players spent time working on their avatar images rather than actually playing the game.… Read the rest


The #1 Skill They Fail to Teach You in School

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How the hell am I supposed to read the labels…

Stumbling out of school, you look over your shoulder, as if in a movie, and see mirages of your education career.

The late night cramming, the late night parties, sleeping in the back of the class, staring at a test paper hoping you sat down in the wrong class because you understand zilch of what’s on the paper.

Mostly, you finish with a collection of facts, great friends, and a diploma. Let’s think about it, do leaders thrive with their “collection of facts.”

Of course not.

Leaders have something that followers don’t…the Power of Decision.Read the rest