You Aced the Interview…But You Won’t Get the Job

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Interview Fail

You hang up the phone. They want you to come in for an interview.

You always hated how you sound over the phone, some think you sound like a girl over the phone (being called ma’am over the phone numerous times gets frustrating) when in fact you are sporting opposite gender parts.

That doesn’t matter now, you did enough in the phone interview that they want to bring you in.

You’ve spent a while working on Your Job Search, and results are filing in.

They are going to pay for your flight, a rental car, and a hotel! On top of that, they are going to take you out someplace fancy for lunch.… Read the rest


ABC’s Shark Tank Holds the Key to Your Job Search

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Shark Tank is one of the only “reality” type shows my wife and I can watch (we’ll dabble in X-factor every now and then, shh!), but we love it because of the cool ideas/uncool ideas that come on the show.

Question? Yes…wait you haven’t seen the show? No, it’s not an exhibit at Sea World sir. And, No you shouldn’t let your kids pet the sharks there, STOP!

Go here to get check it out, and go to HULU to check out some free episodes.

The premise of the show is that entrepreneurs come in and pitch their products to the Venture Capitalist (“sharks”), and they try and strike a deal for a stake in the company.… Read the rest


Take Back Control of Your Annual Review + Bonus Article!

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Annual Review

Don’t worry, be happy!

What a great week this week! Tons have been going on with the 7Minute Entrepreneur, and the perfect time, Thanksgiving! This year has gone by so fast, and this site is coming up on 3 months of being online and kicking.


I’m thankful for my family, my wife Samantha, Cooper the pup, my job, building this site, and all the other blessings I’ve received.

Anyway, here’s what’s gone on this week!

1) Finished an E-book, “7 Strategies to Invest in Yourself Today!” It’s my first stab at writing, it’s a quick read, but I’m happy to give it away to my Subscribers!… Read the rest


3 Ways to Automatically Increase Interviews from your Resume

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You found your Dream Job, and without thinking you attach your resume and…Zing! it’s off. You feel productive, you feel proud. “I got this.”

A short while later (sometimes an eternity) you get an inbox message, “Blah blah your talents are impressive, however we’ve decided to pursue other candidates.” Just like that, you lost it…You stare at the e-mail imaging it’s in your hands and you’re mimicking tearing it to shreds.

You rip your shirt in half all Hulk-like yelling:

Why doesn’t my Resume Generate Interviews?

First things first, get a new shirt and let’s tackle this together. Your Resume is not the only ticket to increase Interviews.… Read the rest


Want a Cold One? Quick tips for Cold Emailing for a Job

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Cold Emailing for a Job

The telephone WAS a novelty the past 30 years. When I mean telephone, I mean speaking on the phone, and when I say speaking I mean dialing and talking to another person (texting doesn’t count!).

Phone skills for many have gone wayyy down hill!. Myself included. Usually, it is more comfortable and more convenient to email a person.


1) It adds convenience to the receiver so that they aren’t bombarded by a stranger coming in out of the rain.

2) It allows you to fully develop your ideas and state them clearly! You come across as intelligent (which can be important…).… Read the rest